"If you want to be a good cafe maker or barista come to ABS. They will show you the skill and experience."

Alison Shen

"It was an awesome experience, I am glad we were able to spend as much time on the machines as we did and everything was demonstrated efficiently"

Molly O'Neill

"Lover of coffee all my life now after this Barista course, appreciate the art of making coffee even more. Already have and encourage relatives and friends to register and take up the course."

Martin Hoe

"Since completing the course we are making beautiful coffee at home and know what we are talking about when we buy coffee at retail outlets.Well worth doing whether it is a career or just for improving the skills to make better coffee for friends. Thanks again."

Janette Gustavson

"The instructor was enthusiastic and highly informative! I didn't think I would have learned so much in just three hours."

Alexander Hulme

"Excellent course structure, excellent presentation, excellent equipment! Amy and Grace were awesome trainers!"

Jacqueline Le Vieux